Strongman Equipment

From the outset Savage Strength has been committed to delivering and developing a great range of equipment specifically for Strongman Training. Viewed as a niche sport in the past Strongman Training has now been brought into many training programmes at gyms and sports teams with trainers seeing the benefits of this type of exercise. At Savage we offer one of the widest range on strongman equipment available on the market today.

Savage Strength Strongman Equipment Range


Savage Strength Strongman Equipment –  included on our site are products essential to Strongman training, including yokes and sleds, logs and axles, and grip strength equipment.  And what better way to put our strength equipment to the test than to have it lifted, pushed, pulled and abused by some of the world’s strongest men? As specialists in strength (not to mention, HUGE fans of strongman), we were asked to supply the warm up equipment to the World’s Strongest Man competition in 2015 this was a very proud moment for us. We were thrilled to provide the World’s Strongest Man organisers with a selection of equipment for the athlete warm up area. Equipment included: FMI Farmers Walk Handles, bumper plates, Olympic bar, Savage Strength Adjustable Yoke, FMI Combo Sled, FMI 2inch Axle Bar. We also provided the rubber lifting platform that Eddie Hall broke the World Deadlift record on in 2015 at Europe’s Strongest Man.