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Sled Barrow

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Quick Overview

What is the Sled-barrow

The Sled barrow is a three-in-one conditioning system that combines the power of a drag sled, drive sled and a training wheelbarrow all into one unique design

Training athletes for excellence requires a new level of performance today. If you want to win you've got to be prepared to push further than the competition. We challenged our team of trainers, engineers and strength conditioning experts to develop a tool that would turn competitors into champions by building explosive power with muscle control. We started from scratch working closely with individuals who specialise in performance on the professional level. The end result is the Sled Barrow the ultimate training tool for the battlefield.

The Sledbarrow was designed with the intention of giving fitness enthusiasts and professionals one tool that is portable and functional while combining 3 types of fitness equipment into one.

A DRAG SLED developed for track athletes to create more power and explosiveness in their core and legs plus develop a greater stride length

A DRIVE SLED for football players to strengthen the muscles needed to blow past their opponent or drive them off the line of scrimmage.

A WHEELBARROWis the Sledbarrows most unique and functional feature. Athletes who have trained with a wheelbarrow can attest to the overall muscular fatigue and conditioning that takes place with its use


Sled Barrow Design

A. Reinforced Extension Arm Anchorpoints allow you to clamp on everything from chains, to bungees, to training ropes easily and securely.

B. Quick-Sanp Pins make changing between three systems of use fast and secure. Simply lock it into place and begin your drills with confidence.

C. Weight Post designed to distribute the weight of up to three 45lb Olympic plates evenly.

D. Front Harness Attachments give you the option for hooking on additional equipment.

E. Crowned Wheel made of high density industrial rubber is designed to carry the burden and maneuver a course where other sleds cannot.

F. Sled Bed Attachment is mounted on the rear of the plate bed for more training options.

G. Removable Drive Sled Bars allow you to guide the sled efficiently with more control and agility than traditional sled systems.

Additional Information

Brand Savage Strength
Shipping lead time 2-3 weeks
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