York Fitness

Producing its first weight plates back in the 1930’s, York Fitness is now one of the strongest brands in Fitness. With a long heritage in strength sports, York Fitness is also dedicated to home fitness enthusiasts and was voted twice in the Independent’s top 10 for home gym equipment.

For reliable, affordable gym equipment from a trusted brand, York Fitness is the perfect choice – there is a reason why there are more weight plates in the world branded “York” than any other manufacturer!


York Fitness has a long history in strength training and is one of the most well-recognised fitness brands in the world.

York Fitness began life in the 1930’s as two different companies – the first was a US company operating in the world of Olympic Weightlifting and the second was a Canadian company that specialises in weights for home gyms.

Bob Hoffman, the founder of York Fitness USA was coach to the USA’s Olympic Weightlifting team from 1948 to 1964 and was crowned the “Father of World Weightlifting” by the Olympic Weightlifting Federation for his part in the development of the sport.

The combination of the two companies provided the two magic ingredients (domestic fitness and commercial) that have made the York Fitness brand so popular over the last 70 years and York Fitness is now popularly known as the home gym specialist with a heritage in competitive strength sports.

York Fitness’ commercial range is loved by high profile sports teams including the LA Lakers and a number of UK premier league rugby teams. Its home range is just as loved, having twice won the Independent’s Top 10 Home Gym Equipment Company.

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