Wolverson is the largest importer and distributor of kettlebells in the UK and one of the biggest names in functional fitness.

The pioneer of competition-standard kettlebells, Wolverson’s functional equipment range is known for its longevity, durability and all-round awesomeness.


Part of the Wolverson Medical Systems group of companies (est. 1969), Wolverson Fitness has been a big player in the functional fitness scene since 2004.

Always one step ahead of the game, Wolverson saw the way the fitness industry was moving and began to develop products that were designed to improve human performance and function.

UK-based Wolverson pioneered competition and pro-grade kettlebells and has become known in kettlebell sport as the official competition standard.

Wolverson is proud to be British and has expanded its range over the years to include all aspects of functional training – from kettlebells to battle ropes and everything in between!

Wolverson is THE functional fitness specialist in the UK. Popular with CrossFit gyms and, of course, kettlebell instructors, this Midlands company is always at the forefront of the functional fitness scene.

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