Quite simply, WattBike IS cycling.

Developed with and used by some of the best cyclists in the world, the WattBike is designed specifically for athletes and performance.
The first and only bike to be endorsed by British Cycling, the WattBike is chosen by champions for its realistic road-feel and cycling-specific performance data.

If you’re a serious cyclist or athlete looking to bring structured training indoors, the WattBike is the perfect training partner.


UK-based WattBike began in 2000 with one goal – to create an indoor bike FOR CYCLISTS!

WattBike approached British Cycling with its idea and British Cycling provided WattBike with a list of criteria that “the perfect” indoor cycle would meet.

Seven years later, after working with some of the world’s finest cycling experts and champions, what resulted was a bike that perfectly mimics the feel of a road bike and produces the best cycling-specific performance data available.

The cutting edge digital technology on the WattBike provides world class training support with intelligent workouts and training plans and the performance data you need to track your progress and achieve your goals.

Time to bring the road indoors, jump in the saddle and improve your performance with absolute precision.