Texas Power Bar

The Texas Power Bar is made by powerlifters, for powerlifters.

The best-selling powerlifting bar in the world, the Texas Power Bar was designed by Texas powerlifter Buddy Capps more than 30 years ago and remains the standard in powerlifting. If you like to bench, squat and deadlift HEAVY, the Texas Power Bar should be your number 1 choice.


The Texas Power Bar was designed by Buddy Capps, a former Texas State Powerlifting Champion, more than 30 years ago.

Since then, the Texas Power Bar has become the benchmark standard for powerlifting around the world and has been used in more World and National Championships than all other brands combined.

Texas Power Bars are still produced by Buddy Capps’ manufacturing company, Capps Welding, in Texas, from American high-quality steel to a superior standard that puts cheaper bars to shame.

One of the strongest bars on the planet and virtually maintenance free, if you want to become a world class lifter, this is the world class bar that will get you there.