Since 1983, StairMaster has provided gyms around the world with the machine that everyone loves to hate.

Over 25 years, the StairMaster has earned its hardcore reputation for high-intensity workouts that get real results.

When StairMaster say this is “real work for real results”, they aren’t kidding! Time to climb your way to the best conditioning of your life…


Launched in 1983, the StairMaster is a legend in the fitness industry.

A product known just as much for its serious sweat inducing capabilities as much as its undeniably epic results in improving fitness and fat loss.

Over 25 years, StairMaster have refined its flagship machine over the years and added to it with Steppers, the AirFit and other machines that are just as focussed on “real work and real results” as the original beast of a machine.

Stair climbing is the simple but high-intensity conditioning workout that every serious strength and conditioning athlete needs in their programme – and StairMaster, based in Vancouver, is the original and best stair climbing brand in the world.

Time to step your conditioning up to the next level!

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