Spirit Fitness

If you actually enjoy working then you’re far more likely to reach your fitness goals.

Spirit Fitness incorporates this concept into the design of all of its products. This focus on customer experience gives a user-friendly edge to all Sprit Fitness’ cardio and strength equipment with built-in features to motivate you, make you feel comfortable and ultimately help you achieve success.


Spirit Fitness built its first fitness machine in 1983 and since then, the company has kept its focus firmly on high quality and user experience.

Sprit Fitness’ factories are ISO-certified to ensure consistent quality and over thirty years in the industry, Spirit remains dedicated to developing innovative features to enhance user enjoyment.

One of the most common reasons people struggle to stick to a new fitness regime is boredom and Spirit is on a mission to combat this.

Spirit Fitness was one of the first companies to incorporate the absolute joy that is the cooling fan into its cardio machines (fans are now standard on all Sprit Fitness machines) and most of its models include MP3 speakers – all of these features are designed with one purpose – to keep you comfortable, entertained and on-track with your fitness goals.

Based in Arkansas in the USA, Spirit Fitness has a long heritage of quality and embodies the true spirit of fitness with award
winning products that frequently top consumer best buy lists and reviews.

Time to combat boredom, tackle complacency and kick start your conditioning with Spirit Fitness.

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