Power Block

Short on space? Tired of seeing your training area cluttered with dumbbells? Power Block have the solution. Power Block’s innovative selectorised dumbbell gives you the performance edge of free weights without the cost and space issues of old fashioned dumbbells and racks.

Replace entire racks of dumbbells with just one efficient and easy to use Power Block!


Power Block was founded in 1991 by two experienced fitness equipment designers who had previously worked for some of the world’s leading equipment companies, including Cybex and Parabody.

They created Power Block to address a number of different issues with dumbbells, namely, storage space and the infuriating health and safety issues caused by gym goers failing to re-rack weights.

Let’s face it, no gym can be without a decent set of dumbbells, but Power Block believed that owning a full set of dumbbells didn’t have to mean sacrificing an entire room of storage space.

And so they created the gym gadget to end all gadgets – the selectorised dumbbell – and they called it “the Power Block”.
Other selectorised dumbbells have come to the market since, but none of them are as compact or expandable as the original and best Power Block.