Kustom Kit

Kustom Kit is a commercial fitness equipment manufacturer based right here in the UK.

The British engineers at Kustom Kit use 3D modelling software to design and produce completely bespoke gym equipment and the exact same superior quality and attention to detail is reproduced in Kustom Kit’s “off the shelf” range of racks, rigs, benches and bars which we sell here at Savage Strength.


Kustom Kit was born in 2013 when the founder of the company, competitive powerlifter Christian Dyte, was tasked by the British Drug Free Powerlifting Federation to create a multi-purpose squat stand that could be converted to bench press whilst meeting all International Powerlifting Federation competition standards.

Kustom Kit then quickly earned its reputation as the hallmark of quality when it comes to strength equipment.

Specialising in creating bespoke pieces for commercial gyms looking for superior quality equipment to make their facility stand out from the crowd, Kustom Kit equipment is built to withstand the heaviest lifting and the toughest environments.

Kustom Kit’s company slogan is “where strength meets engineering” and they offer a refreshing antidote to the mass production lines and cheap labour which often results in poor quality equipment.

Kustom Kit may not be the cheapest, but this isn’t equipment produced in large quantities – no corners are cut in a bit to save costs and mass produce. This is precision engineered equipment made to order and built for lifting heavy.

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