Giants Pro

Giants Pro is the product range created for, tested and loved by the sport of strongman.

Since the Giants Pro range of supports were launched in 2014, Giants Pro products have been used in 3 consecutive deadlift world records.

The Giants Pro range is the official support of the World’s Strongest Man Competition, so be in no doubt – these supports are designed for people who like to lift BIG!


Giants Pro created its first prototype figure-of-8 straps in 2014. The strength of those prototypes was put to the ultimate test when they were used by world famous strongman, Benni Magnusson, for a new deadlift world record.

Since then, Giants Pro straps have been used in two subsequent world record deadlifts set by Eddie Hall – the latest at a colossal 463kg!

The Giants Pro range was developed by Darren Saddler, a former strongman competitor himself, in conjunction with some of the biggest athletes in the sport and Giants Pro straps and supports are now the official choice of the World’s Strongest Man Competition.

The fact that the giants of the strongman world are happy to rely on Giants Pro products in the highest level of the sport is testament to the quality and performance of these superior supports and straps.

Time for a new PB? Let Giants Pro help get you there!

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