Full Metal Industries

Full Metal Industries is on a mission to inject a little craftsmanship into strength equipment.

All FMI racks, rigs and strength machines are made by hand, to order, in the heart of the English countryside by a small team of engineers and fabricators who are incredibly passionate about strength.

Full Metal Industries are singlehandedly bringing artisan engineering into the world of strength.


A relatively new player on the fitness equipment scene, Full Metal Industry has wowed the fitness industry with its outstandingly beautiful range of strength equipment.

Every piece of equipment Full Metal Industries create is handcrafted to order by its tiny team of fabricators in the Somerset countryside. Every product is designed, prototyped, tested and perfected in house with all components sourced from UK suppliers.

Full Metal Industries’ confident guarantee—“If it breaks, we fix it. For life.”—says all you need to know about the quality of this equipment. It is designed and built to last and is loved by Strongmen and Strength and Conditioning Coaches both here and in the USA.

If you’re after strong, sturdy equipment with finishing design touches that really bring out the beauty of strength, Full Metal Industries should be your first choice.

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