Escape Fitness

All work and no play makes the gym a dull place to be. That’s why Escape Fitness is on a self-proclaimed mission to put the fun back into fitness.

Escape Fitness’ playful take on exercise and movement can be seen in every piece of its functional and strength equipment ranges – innovative designs, bright colours and commercial quality.

It’s time to escape the mundane, brighten up your training space and change your workout time to play time.


Founded in 1998, Escape Fitness was created to inspire and innovate. The company is now a globally recognised brand with offices in the USA, the UK, Poland and Germany.

Escape Fitness is dedicated to creating great looking products and every piece in its range has a unique design angle which embodies its philosophy that exercise should be fun, not a chore.

Escape Fitness has been so successful with its quirky functional training equipment that it has now created dedicated training programmes and instructor training certifications for many of its unique products, allowing the company to work even more intimately with the industry it supplies.

The bright bold colours and funky designs that Escape Fitness is known for, combined with reliable durability and training programmes have made Escape a popular choice among commercial gyms, hotel chains and leisure centres. But Escape’s eye-catching range of strength and functional training equipment can brighten up a corner of your home or garage, just as well as a streamlined health facility.

It’s time to put the fun back into fitness.

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