With over 45 years producing science-led innovations in the fitness equipment industry and boasting their own research and education institute, Cybex is a company dedicated to the creation of machines that are built on exercise science.

The superior value and effectiveness of Cybex’s machines means they are the first choice of thousands of commercial gyms, hotels, universities and medical facilities around the world.

In their pursuit of exercise machine perfection, Cybex have proved that smart really is the new strong.


Cybex is a US manufacturer and global leader in commercial cardio and strength equipment, selling to over 90 countries around the world.

Founded on a sports medicine and rehabilitation heritage, over the last 45 years Cybex has become arguably the most well-known and most well-respected giant of the fitness equipment industry.

Every Cybex product is designed from a clear footing in exercise science and tested and engineered in Cybex’s own Research Institute. This scientific basis for the manufacture of equipment means that every product is expertly engineered to be biomechanically correct and to allow super effective and super safe movement patterns.

When it comes to strength, Cybex produces the largest range of strength training equipment in the industry – with no less than 150 unique pieces. As Cybex aim for nothing less than perfection with every one of their products, you can be sure that every piece will be not only innovative and safe but commercially durable too.

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