Air Assault

Assault Fitness Products, the creators of the original Air Assault Bike, are an American company and proud supplier to the US Military.

Air Assault Bikes have a respected global reputation as the ultimate HIIT training and endurance conditioning machine. Assault Fitness Products, the company behind the most hardcore bike on the market, is just as serious about its best-selling product.


LifeCORE Fitness is the family-owned parent company behind the Air Assault brand. The company began life in 1994 in America, specialising in the manufacture and supply of cardio fitness equipment.

The Air Assault creators are committed to developing the retail side of their business and it is this frequent face-to-face time with customers which constantly drives their mission to create equipment that can be used by anyone – from the rehabilitating and physically immobile to the weekend warriors and athletes of the world.

That “fitness for all” philosophy is clearly evident in LifeCORE’s best-selling product – the Air Assault bike, which is loved by hardcore fitness enthusiasts for its vomit-inducing toughness just as much as it is praised for its role in low impact rehabilitation programming.

The Air Assault brand is a Schedule 78 GSA Contractor, which means it is an official US government supplier, providing Air Assault bikes to the men and women serving in the United States Military. If there was any doubt then the Air Assault’s military credentials surely seal the deal on this machine’s elite performance capabilities. Prepare to be assaulted!