RAZE Gymnastic Rings wooden
RAZE Gymnastic RingsRAZE Gymnastic Rings1RAZE Gymnastic Rings woodenRAZE Gymnastic Rings Wooden1

RAZE Gymnastic Rings Wooden/Plastic

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RAZE Gymnastic Rings are available in either Plastic or Wood. Training with gymnastic rings is a great way of adding some serious strength stability to your upper body. These Rings can be used with any of the Rig or Power Rack Systems we sell on Savage Strength.

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Introducing RAZE Gymnastic Rings

RAZE Gymnastic Rings are perfect for anyone who is looking to add an element of suspension training to their workouts. The reason why training with gymnastic rings has become so popular is largely down to the results that the user attains. Improvements in strength, stability and co-ordination can all be attributed to the user when they add suspension training into their training, and lets admit it elite gymnasts are in pretty decent shape!

Available in either Plastic or Wood the RAZE Gymnastic Rings are a premium product which can be used with one of our Rigs or Power Rack systems

RAZE Gymnastic Rings Features

  • Durable and easy to grip Olympic regulation 28mm rings
  • Heavy duty, quickly adjustable cam brackets
  • Super strong 6m long x 38mm wide straps featuring stitched in numbers and space markings so you can easily line up your rings – no more guessing!
  • Available in Plastic or Wood (select from drop down box above)
    • Plastic gym rings are 28mm diameter and Wooden rings are 32mm
  • Can be used with Power Racks, Functional Training Rigs and Suspension Training Rigs



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