Leasing – Gym Equipment

Leasing is a perfect way of funding commercial gym equipment for start up and existing gyms. A finance lease can be tailored to a specific monthly budget and the payments are fixed for the duration of the agreement.

Leasing gym Equipment – The sensible financing option

Leasing gym equipment makes sense. Setting up a new gym or upgrading equipment in an established gym is an expensive business! So, spreading the cost into a manageable monthly payment is the perfect answer.

With a variety of finance solutions available via our leasing partners you can be assured that there will be a solution you are looking for. If your business is just starting or it is time to upgrade your gym equipment our experienced team will ensure that the whole process is handled quickly and efficiently in order for you to do what you do best – make people stronger!

  • Preserves Working Capital A Finance Lease means that valuable cash can remain in the business and used for continued growth.
  • Budget Control With a finance lease the payments remain fixed for the duration of the contract so you know exactly what and when you are paying.
  • Protects Other Lines of Credit Existing credit lines, such as bank overdraft or other facility, remain intact for when times are a little uncertain.
  • Correct Equipment Now Why settle for inferior equipment?
  • Spreading the cost over its useful life makes perfect sense and ensures you get what your business needs.
  • Upgrading A flexible  Finance Lease ensures you stay ahead with advancement in technology.
  • Tax Efficient Benefit from a CLS Finance Lease which is 100% allowable against pre tax profits.
What is leasing?

Leasing is a method of business finance that allows you to spread the cost of investment in new equipment. The term is usually between 1 and 5 years and repayments are made on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on what suits you best

Who uses leasing?

Small, medium and large companies together with Government Departments, Schools and Colleges, Charities and many other organisations and bodies.

Can I lease if my business is new or not yet started to trade?

Yes! our partners have developed bespoke start up funding packages especially for business finance. Through a specialist funder network and Own Book, small business finance facilities, we’ve got everything covered.

How do I know if leasing is suitable for my business?

Leasing is suitable for any business and is one of the most popular ways for companies to get the equipment they need rather than settling for something cheaper and inferior. With a finance lease all payments are 100% allowable against pre tax profits so it really is a common sense business finance solution.

How do I know if I will be approved?

Simple, call us and we will discuss your requirements and talk you through the process.

How soon can a lease be arranged?

Really quickly. Simply get in touch and let us know your business details, what you are looking for and we will pass you over to our leasing partners and they will do the rest. Acceptances are often instant and with the introduction of EchoSign the paperwork can be dealt with in minutes. The only thing you have to wait for is your equipment to be delivered!!

Are leasing rates competitive?

Yes, but even when interest rates are high a finance lease still remains one of the most cost effective ways to finance equipment.

Why not go to the bank?

You can, however the process may be lengthy and the underwriting strict. Also, with a straight forward bank loan you won’t be able to claim the same tax allowances that a finance lease offers.

How do I know the contract is fair?

Our selected partners are regulated by the Finance Conduct Authority and our contracts comply with the guidelines issued by The Finance and Leasing Association

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