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We don't just supply gym equipment – we like to get SERIOUSLY involved. Our team of experts are always on hand, happy to help our commercial customers with every aspect of gym planning, from budgeting and finance to space issues and flooring.

We have a range of cleverly designed, off-the-shelf packages to suit most gyms, but in our experience, no two facilities are alike, which is where our hidden talent lies: in creating completely bespoke commercial gym solutions.

As unique as your facility

Here at Savage Strength we’re one of a kind – just like your gym!

Not only are we one of the only retailers SPECIALISING IN STRENGTH, we also offer the largest selection of strength products and brands anywhere in the UK.

You’ll be spoilt for choice at Savage Strength and because we have over 20 years’ experience in the commercial fitness and sports industry (and we know our product range like a specialist subject on Mastermind), we can give you all the guidance you need to make the right equipment and flooring choices to match your space and budget restraints.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just ask. If it exists, we’ll have it. If it doesn’t, we can create it for you. Manufacturing our own product line means that we can build completely custom, one-off pieces of equipment for your gym too – if you can dream it, we can create it!

We’ve designed and installed gyms for strongmen, commercial chains, personal trainers, sports teams, schools and everything in between – if you’d like some inspiration for your own facility, take a look at some of our favourite projects on our “Our Customers” page.


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We supply strength equipment for every commercial environment. Our commercial clients range from leading fitness chains, bodybuilding/powerlifting gyms, Crossfit Boxes to Personal Training Studios.

No two clients have exactly the same requirements so we like to take some time getting to know you and learning about exactly what you’d like achieve with your gym so that we can create the perfect solution that is tailored for YOUR gym and YOUR business goals.

We can help from the earliest stages of pre-planning – it’s never too early to get in touch and begin making your dream gym a reality.


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We have a strong background in Personal Training and PT Education here at Savage Strength, so providing the right equipment solutions for our Personal Training customers is a huge area of expertise for us.

If you are a Mobile PT, work in a Commercial Gym, run Boot Camps and other class based sessions, own a studio or are looking to open one, we can help in more ways than just providing the equipment.

We’re always on hand to give advice to our PT customers on funding, marketing through our social media channels and of course to help you choose the best equipment that will give you value for money and ensure your business is a success.

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Savage Strength works regularly with teams from many sports, including Pro Rugby League/Pro Rugby Union, NFL, US College Basketball and even individual Olympic Athletes.For professional sports teams, the right equipment and training really can make the difference between success and failure.

If you’re a strength and conditioning coach and want to lead your team to the top, you’ll need to provide your athletes with the very best strength equipment. Here at Savage Strength, we have the winning combination of specialist equipment, strength expertise and business advice that will get you there. Sports Teams

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We offer a wide and durable range of strength equipment and services for educational facilities.

Over the years we have provided equipment to many Schools, Colleges and Universities, including Cardiff University, Oxford Brooks, Florida State University, UCL, St Marys College London, Edinburgh University, Wellington School and many more.

We accept purchase orders from  all schools and universities and whether you are training elite sports teams or simply seeking to improve the health of your broader student population, our specialist education-sector services can be tailored to your campus needs.


Military fitness final

The military holds the highest standards and performance expectations when it comes to training its recruits, and here at Savage, we have the same high standards when it comes to choosing our equipment suppliers.

We accept purchase orders from all arms of the Tri-Services and as specialists in strength, we understand the specific needs of the military when it comes to its high performance training needs and durability of equipment as well as portability for quick deployment in outposts around the world.


Custom final

Thanks to many years in the fitness industry, as well as the fact that our entire team loves to lift, we have been able to identify the limitations with most gym equipment available today and are always working hard to design and build solutions.

That’s why in 2014 we launched our very own Savage-branded range of equipment. If you are looking for uniquely designed or completely customised equipment (whether it be the simple addition of your gym logo or a bespoke one-off machine), we can provide it.

Commercial lease final

For many gym owners, it makes more financial sense to lease gym equipment rather than buy it outright – often this helps to manage cash flow and is a particularly popular option with new gyms coming to the market, easing the burden of start-up costs.

We offer a wide range of gym equipment leasing products from all the industry leading equipment providers. We are not tied to any of these providers and do not receive any commissions for leasing equipment, so the options we present to you are completely impartial. We will simply provide introductions to the different lease companies available so that you can choose the company that is the best fit for your gym. Leasing – Gym Equipment

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