To give you the best, we demand the best. That’s why we’re choosy about which companies we work with. We set a high standard for our customers – not just in product quality, but in customer service too. We work hard to build close relationships with all of our suppliers, giving us an in-depth knowledge of their varying delivery timescales, product guarantees and after-sales care standards. This also allows us to secure the best deals for you and your gym.

  • Adidas

    Adidas training hardware provides the ultimate in elite fitness equipment. As a global leader for sports and fitness equipment, adidas is one of the most respected brands worldwide, striving to constantly combine sleek, cutting edge design with high performance products to help athletes get the very best from their workouts.

    The range of adidas training hardware has been designed to increase speed, endurance, strength and power – aligning the range with the guiding principle to equip all athletes to reach their limits, maximise their potential and achieve their “impossible”.

    Training is the basis for anyone who is serious about achieving their goals, and with the range of adidas training equipment, built to the highest specification you can get the best performance from your training programme.

  • Again Faster Logo

    Again Faster

    Again Faster provide high quality functional fitness equipment at affordable prices across the UK & Europe.

  • Air Assault

    Air Assault

    Assault Fitness Products, the creators of the original Air Assault Bike, are an American company and proud supplier to the US Military.

    Air Assault Bikes have a respected global reputation as the ultimate HIIT training and endurance conditioning machine. Assault Fitness Products, the company behind the most hardcore bike on the market, is just as serious about its best-selling product.

  • Anvil Strength

    Hailing from a 3rd generation of engineers and fabricators, Anvil Strength and Conditioning is simple, straightforward, and up there with the best made equipment. With some of the best fabricators and engineers in Britain behind them, and with precision tools, they bring products to you that do exactly what they are meant to do – take a beating from you and still be there after you’ve done!

    Apart from the standard items, Anvil specialise in delivering you a bespoke service, because making things a little different and spicing the process up is what they enjoy!

    With a 40000 square foot factory workshop, Anvil really do have the infrastructure to deal with any order and size, and because they are an offshoot of an engineering firm spanning 3 generations, they really know what they are doing. This is also how they can bring there price down to match cheap, imported products even though they have higher quality, thicker steel with a heritage in good engineering, they are perfect for you and your equipment needs.

  • Awesome Supplements

    Awesome Supplements for Awesome people. Honest, transparent, research proven supplements in effective doses, packaged in a simple and effective way.

  • Bodycraft

    BodyCraft® was founded in 1994 on three simple foundations: delivering a high quality product for the consumer; making every machine fulfil multiple purposes; and putting it all together at an affordable price. Our passion is creating the ultimate in safety, variety, design, and affordability. Every Bodycraft machine is built to fulfil each of those purposes!

  • BodyMax

    BodyMax offer a huge range of Light Commercial and Commercial Strength and Fitness Equipment. Select from the BodyMax range of Power Racks, Benches, Strength Machines and much more today.

  • Concept2

    Concept 2

    Concept2 is a fitness equipment company which needs little introduction. Since its creation in 1976 by two Olympic rowers, Concept2 has become the rower go-to brand for gyms, health clubs and sports teams the world over.

    In fact, the Concept2 Indoor Rower quickly became the best-selling rower in the world, so if you’re looking for the highest quality rowers on the market from a trusted brand with a strong legacy of rowing, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Cybex


    With over 45 years producing science-led innovations in the fitness equipment industry and boasting their own research and education institute, Cybex is a company dedicated to the creation of machines that are built on exercise science.

    The superior value and effectiveness of Cybex’s machines means they are the first choice of thousands of commercial gyms, hotels, universities and medical facilities around the world.

    In their pursuit of exercise machine perfection, Cybex have proved that smart really is the new strong.

  • Eleiko


    In the world of weightlifting, Eleiko needs no introduction.

    Since 1963, the global brand of Eleiko has been producing competition-quality bars and plates. During that time, more than 1,000 world records have been set using Eleiko’s world famous bars.

    If you’re serious about weightlifting, there really is no better choice than Eleiko.

  • Escape Fitness

    Escape Fitness

    All work and no play makes the gym a dull place to be. That’s why Escape Fitness is on a self-proclaimed mission to put the fun back into fitness.

    Escape Fitness’ playful take on exercise and movement can be seen in every piece of its functional and strength equipment ranges – innovative designs, bright colours and commercial quality.

    It’s time to escape the mundane, brighten up your training space and change your workout time to play time.

  • Exigo Fitness

    Exigo Fitness

    Exigo Fitness is a privately owned, forward-thinking fitness brand and an industry leader in the UK and European fitness equipment market.
    Specialising in commercial boxing and strength and conditioning equipment, every one of Exigo’s top-notch products is designed and manufactured in its factory right here in the UK.

    A firm favourite of CrossFit and boxing gyms, Exigo Fitness not only provides some of the best rigs and boxing equipment available but its young management team has a firm finger on the pulse of the entire fitness industry.

  • Forge Fitness

    Forge Fitness

    Forge Fitness is a Polish-based equipment company. Established in 2007, Forge Fitness quickly built a strong reputation for its high quality Sparta Series Kettlebells and went on to produce an entire range of durable but affordable strength and conditioning equipment that is loved by CrossFit boxes and functional training facilities around the world.

    From bootcamp owners to corporate gyms, Forge Fitness can equip every facility and it manufactures some of the best quality functional training and strength equipment available.

  • Full Metal Industries

    Full Metal Industries

    Full Metal Industries is on a mission to inject a little craftsmanship into strength equipment.

    All FMI racks, rigs and strength machines are made by hand, to order, in the heart of the English countryside by a small team of engineers and fabricators who are incredibly passionate about strength.

    Full Metal Industries are singlehandedly bringing artisan engineering into the world of strength.

  • Giants Pro

    Giants Pro

    Giants Pro is the product range created for, tested and loved by the sport of strongman.

    Since the Giants Pro range of supports were launched in 2014, Giants Pro products have been used in 3 consecutive deadlift world records.

    The Giants Pro range is the official support of the World’s Strongest Man Competition, so be in no doubt – these supports are designed for people who like to lift BIG!

  • Gym Gear

    New to Savage Strength is the awesome range of Strength and Cardio equipment from Gym Gear.

    Gym Gear offer a huge range of awesome products, whether its just a small accessories you’re looking for such as a gym ball or a top machine for developing cardio or strength etc, Gym Gear has it all. The people at Gym Gear give up a lot of time and dedication in making sure all their products provide quality and reliability, with this said they also offer outstanding value for their money with their products for their customers. These are just a few of the many reasons that make Gym Gear such a highly recommended company in the fitness industry.

  • Hammer Strength

    The Hammer Strength range is created by Life Fitness, a global leader in commercial fitness equipment.

    Hammer Strength’s top selling strength training machines are built for performance. Rugged enough to stand up to the toughest environments, Hammer Strength equipment is the number one option – whether you’re an elite strength athlete or you just like to train like one!

  • Impulse


    A leading manufacturer of fitness equipment, Impulse is now the largest fitness equipment brand in China.

    With over 35 years in the industry, Impulse provides commercial quality, hard wearing machines that are not only innovative and durable but stylish too.

    Impulse specialises in commercial equipment so you can be confident that any Impulse product you buy for your gym will last the distance.

  • Indigo Fitness

    Indigo Fitness is part of the LeisureLines group of companies, bringing together 20 years’ experience of excellence in engineering and creating inventive fitness equipment.

    UK-based Indigo Fitness are proud to include a number of high profile sports teams, military organisations and commercial gym chains as its customers, including Fitness First and Manchester United – so you know this is premier league standard equipment!

  • Inspire

    With over 10 years in the fitness industry Inspire have all the know how and experience needed to create spectacular products for all levels of fitness/ability and that’s exactly what they do! In 2004, Ted one of the owners of Inspire, was more than ready to jump back into the fitness industry after being heavily involved when he tried to make his own company ‘Pacific Fitness’. Ted assembled an adequate team and presented them with a business opportunity. They then got busy in late 2004 determined to build on the Pacific Fitness legacy. Over 10 years on and Inspire is one of the premier lines of home fitness equipment. With a Consumer Digest best buy for the FT1, as well as many other significant awards such as home gym of the year in 2009 for the M3.

    In 2008 the Inspire Fitness was introduced into UK & Europe and their products are sold by all the leading fitness stores both online and in showrooms all around the nation.

  • Jacobs Ladder

    Jacobs Ladder was developed by Steve Nichols, a former Western N.Y. fitness champion. His participation in strenuous physical activity left him with severe back and knee problems that threatened to keep him from the conditioning he was accustomed to with traditional gym equipment. Because of his physical challenges, Steve began seeking alternative gym equipment to allow him to maintain his conditioning goals without encouraging further injury.

  • Jordan Fitness

    One of the most widely recognised fitness brands in the UK, Jordan Fitness is undisputedly one of the leading authorities on commercial functional fitness equipment – and the brand is the fastest growing fitness supplier in Europe.

    Specialists in unique, high quality but affordable functional training equipment, from its headquarters in London, Jordan Fitness branded products are now distributed across the globe.

  • Keiser

    For nearly four decades, Keiser has influenced the training of athletes, fitness enthusiasts and rehabilitation experts worldwide with better fitness products that unite both components of human performance: the force you produce, and the speed at which you produce it.

  • Kustom Kit

    Kustom Kit

    Kustom Kit is a commercial fitness equipment manufacturer based right here in the UK.

    The British engineers at Kustom Kit use 3D modelling software to design and produce completely bespoke gym equipment and the exact same superior quality and attention to detail is reproduced in Kustom Kit’s “off the shelf” range of racks, rigs, benches and bars which we sell here at Savage Strength.

  • Life Fitness

    Since it created the world’s first electronic piece of fitness equipment—the LifeCycle exercise bike—more than 40 years ago, Life Fitness has dominated the health and fitness market.

    An undisputed global leader in the commercial fitness industry with a massive 400+ products in its range, Life Fitness shares our commitment to high quality and first-class customer service.

  • Matrix


    Matrix is a relatively new company in the fitness equipment world but it has quickly become one of the fastest growing commercial fitness brands in the world.

    Breathing fresh ideas into tried and tested products, Matrix is redefining industry standards when it comes to quality, design, costs and those little details that make Matrix products stand out from the crowd.

  • MYO Strength

    Myo Strength

    MYO Strength is a UK design and manufacturing company specialising in quality strength and functional equipment.

    A brand that is always bang-on trend with its functional strength and studio equipment, MYO Strength is known by its commercial and home fitness customers across the UK and Europe for high quality at affordable prices.

  • Origin


    Based in Scotland, the Origin brand was launched in 2014 as an own-brand range of Anytime Fitness.

    Origin provide specialist sports and strength equipment with a focus on commercial quality and value for money, which is why the brand is already popular with a number of prestigious gym chains in the UK.

  • Physical Company

    Physical Company

    Physical Company was established in 1989 and has been producing innovative functional fitness equipment for over 20 years.

    With its very own group exercise studio, Physical Company not only produces the latest, high quality equipment, but it also trains the industry with its expert exercise programming courses.

    Physical Company is fully immersed in the world of fitness and its equipment is hugely popular with fitness professionals.

  • Power Block

    Power Block

    Short on space? Tired of seeing your training area cluttered with dumbbells? Power Block have the solution. Power Block’s innovative selectorised dumbbell gives you the performance edge of free weights without the cost and space issues of old fashioned dumbbells and racks.

    Replace entire racks of dumbbells with just one efficient and easy to use Power Block!

  • Powerbag

    Sand bags as a method of functional training have long been used by the military, but Powerbag has brought a new, sleeker design to these once rugged looking bags, adding fresh innovations like high density breathable core padding and specially formulated non-tearing outer fabric to enhance performance and durability.

    On the market since 2003, Powerbags have been used by the England Rugby team and by the Royal Marines, Royal Navy, Army and RAF.

  • Precor


    UK-based Precor is one of the world’s leading gym equipment suppliers. Its company slogan is “Fitness Made Personal” and it strives to bring a personal touch to the experience of every Precor customer.

    Precor machines can be found in thousands of fitness facilities and homes across more than 90 countries around the world. This giant of the industry really does set the standard when it comes to product design, technology and durability.

  • Primal Strength

    Primal Strength are a small team of UK-based fitness industry experts with backgrounds in developing fitness equipment brands, sports nutrition brands and running gyms. This background brought together the team to develop a cutting-edge, premium strength and functional equipment brand


    Sometimes a gym simply needs no-frills equipment that is tough and effective. That’s what PROACTIVE is all about: a new range of training tools for strength and functional training, brought to you by a name recognised in the UK fitness market for more than 20 years. As well as features for great usability, this range stands out with clean, classic design. There are also racks to keep everything stored away neatly. Get down to the fundamentals with PROACTIVE.

  • Raze

    Raze has one simple mission and that mission is to create the best strength, conditioning and weightlifting products possible.

    Raze are co-branded with Indigo who are a very well known brand in the fitness industry. Raze are a small, dedicated team of fitness enthusiasts, designers, and sports professionals. Backed by years of knowledge, experience and research, they make sure all their products are produced at the highest of standards, working hard to get as close to their philosophy as possible every day. Raze are very passionate in creating high quality, functional equipment combined with a strong creative streak that gets channelled into each product created.

  • Reebok

    Reebok are a global fitness company, specialising in the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of a comprehensive range of fitness equipment to both the commercial and home markets. There New product development focuses on inspiration, application and implementation to deliver stylish, functional and innovative products to the market.

  • Savage Strength

    Savage Strength

    Here at Savage Strength, we are the UK’s largest dedicated supplier of strength and sports conditioning equipment, selling the most comprehensive range of products available on the market today.

    Working with hundreds of gyms, universities, CrossFit boxes and fitness enthusiasts over the years, we’ve learnt a thing or two about what our customers look for in a piece of gym equipment and the Savage Strength branded range was specifically created to addresses our customers’ dual expectations: value for money and guaranteed quality.

  • Savage Basics

    Here at Savage Strength, we are the UK’s largest dedicated supplier of strength and sports conditioning equipment, selling the most comprehensive range of products available on the market today.

    Savage Basics provide all you need when it comes to basic strength training without breaking the bank! You will find sleds, olympic bars, olympic plates, racks, prowlers. And they are all from our very own Savage Strength brand meaning quality is assured.

  • Savage Heavy Duty

    Here at Savage Strength, we are the UK’s largest dedicated supplier of strength and sports conditioning equipment, selling the most comprehensive range of products available on the market today.

    Savage Basics provide all you need when it comes to heavy duty strength training without breaking the bank! Seriously strong equipment for serious strength enthusiasts.

  • Savage Premium

    Here at Savage Strength, we are the UK’s largest dedicated supplier of strength and sports conditioning equipment, selling the most comprehensive range of products available on the market today.

    Savage Basics provide all you need when it comes to premium strength training. Our Savage Premium brand contains top of the range, solid olympic benches, bars and machines. Contact us for a quote.

  • Schwinn


    Instantly recognisable for its cycling heritage with over 100 years’ experience in creating bicycles, Schwinn is firmly at the forefront of next-generation cycling technology.

    Although it may be a cycling icon, Schwinn has proved that it is no one-trick pony— applying the same dedication to quality and innovation to their entire range of fitness equipment, Schwinn produce some of the best fitness products on the market today.

  • Spirit Fitness

    Spirit Fitness

    If you actually enjoy working then you’re far more likely to reach your fitness goals.

    Spirit Fitness incorporates this concept into the design of all of its products. This focus on customer experience gives a user-friendly edge to all Sprit Fitness’ cardio and strength equipment with built-in features to motivate you, make you feel comfortable and ultimately help you achieve success.

  • Stairmaster


    Since 1983, StairMaster has provided gyms around the world with the machine that everyone loves to hate.

    Over 25 years, the StairMaster has earned its hardcore reputation for high-intensity workouts that get real results.

    When StairMaster say this is “real work for real results”, they aren’t kidding! Time to climb your way to the best conditioning of your life…

  • Star Trac

    Star Trac

    More than 4 million people in over 75 countries use Star Trac equipment daily.

    Star Trac is known for its unique product features and its strength range is no exception, with patented features like “Lock N Load”, Star Trac’s innovative weight selection system.

    Star Trac’s distinctive, approachable strength equipment is designed for commercial gyms, so if you’re looking for affordable, durable and good looking equipment then you’ve come to the right place.

  • Strength Shop

    Strength Shop

    Home-grown right here in the UK, Strength Shop was established in 2009 to meet the growing needs of strongmen and women and other strength athletes across the UK.

    Strength Shop specialise in strength sports, so its packages and products are perfect whether you’re prepping for competition or just like to lift heavy.

  • Texas Power Bar

    Texas Power Bar

    The Texas Power Bar is made by powerlifters, for powerlifters.

    The best-selling powerlifting bar in the world, the Texas Power Bar was designed by Texas powerlifter Buddy Capps more than 30 years ago and remains the standard in powerlifting. If you like to bench, squat and deadlift HEAVY, the Texas Power Bar should be your number 1 choice.

  • WattBike


    Quite simply, WattBike IS cycling.

    Developed with and used by some of the best cyclists in the world, the WattBike is designed specifically for athletes and performance.
    The first and only bike to be endorsed by British Cycling, the WattBike is chosen by champions for its realistic road-feel and cycling-specific performance data.

    If you’re a serious cyclist or athlete looking to bring structured training indoors, the WattBike is the perfect training partner.

  • Wolverson

    Wolverson is the largest importer and distributor of kettlebells in the UK and one of the biggest names in functional fitness.

    The pioneer of competition-standard kettlebells, Wolverson’s functional equipment range is known for its longevity, durability and all-round awesomeness.

  • York Fitness

    Producing its first weight plates back in the 1930’s, York Fitness is now one of the strongest brands in Fitness. With a long heritage in strength sports, York Fitness is also dedicated to home fitness enthusiasts and was voted twice in the Independent’s top 10 for home gym equipment.

    For reliable, affordable gym equipment from a trusted brand, York Fitness is the perfect choice – there is a reason why there are more weight plates in the world branded “York” than any other manufacturer!

  • Zhangkong


    Zhangkong Barbell Manufacturing Company, to give it its full name, set out to prove itself on the world stage as the official supplier to the 2008 Bejing Olympics.

    The Chinese weightlifting equipment manufacturer has also been awarded the contract to be the sole equipment supplier to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

    Zhangkong is a Chinese equipment supplier proving it has what it takes to build an Olympic legacy with its superior weightlifting equipment – the perfect equipment choice if you’re going for gold!

  • WaterRower

    WaterRower produce some of the best rowing machines around. Available in Ash, Cherry, Oak, Walnut woods and covered in danish oil, their beautiful designs look perfect in homes and bespoke gyms.

    The water resistance mimics the feel of rowing on water and you can store it upright if you are a bit tight on space in your house, garage, PT studio.